USB 3.0 To VGA/HDMI Adapter
USB 3.0 To VGA/HDMI Adapter
USB 3.0 To VGA/HDMI Adapter
USB 3.0 To VGA/HDMI Adapter
USB 3.0 To VGA/HDMI Adapter
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USB 3.0 To VGA/HDMI Adapter

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Woo USB 3.0 To VGA/HDMI Adapter 

USB 3.0 adapter support HDMI & VGA ports to work Simultaneously, HDMI and VGA Can be connected at the same time, but these two monitors can only display the same view.
Our USB 3.0 to HDMI adaptor need to install the driver, it will promote a driver automatically when connected, then you only take a few seconds to follow the step and install, Do not need repeated installation, simple to use. (steps: after plugging it into your computer, you will see there is a new USB device folder on your computer, then open it and double click to install the driver).
Make use of the high-bandwidth (5 Gbps) SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. And also compatible with USB 2.
Support for hot-pluggable devices(Only USB 3.0 interface can achieve resolution up to 1920x1080 p, if use USB 2.0 port, just can be 800 x 600p).
A Portable USB3.0 adapter is lightweight to carry into your laptop bag on a business trip. You can extend the computer screen to a large screen display or projector, set up duplication (mirroring), use it for presentation with a projector, etc, work in a large screen workspace, or use USB to VGA adapter to mirror display movies in the classroom.
The USB 3.0 Converter can support the MAC OS system and Windows7/8/10. If you cannot get it to work with the internal driver in the device, please manual download the newest driver

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1x video Adapter USB 3.0 to VGA/HDMI Adapter