Andowl 2in1 USB-C Audio Splitter Adapter - Q-A189 - WooTech Online Shopping
Andowl 2in1 USB-C Audio Splitter Adapter - Q-A189 - WooTech Online Shopping
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Andowl 2in1 USB-C Audio Splitter Adapter - Q-A189

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-Creative design dual 8-pin headphone charging adapter and audio is easy to carry with you outside and ensure the high quality of music, which means this item is suitable for your daily life or leisure time.

-Light and fashionable design, perfect for traveling, watching videos, playing games, in the car, at home, in the office

-Fully Functional 7/7P Phone 8/8P Phone X Phone Adapter and Splitter, Dual Audio Light Headphones, and Charging Adapter.

- You can use this 2-in-1 lighting adapter to charge and enjoy music at the same time.

-Hi-Fi Guarantee - Accurately restores the phone's 24-bit / 48KHz digital audio stream output through the 8-pin port, without damaging original high-quality music and phone calls

-This phone adapter has 2 lighting ports, one port is for charging, one is for music.

-You can use your headphones and other bright headphones to listen to music.

- But if you put the headphones into the charging port, you won't be able to hear anything.

-Output current: 1.5A

-Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz,

-Signal-to-noise ratio: THD + N: -80dB

-Output power: 2x35mW @ 32?

-Interface: Type C male, Type C female seat, 3.5mm female seat

-Listen to songs and charge 1.5A, support all cable control functions of original Apple earphones.

- Headphone recognition time is short. Listen to songs and load, without order.

-The product is plugged into the headphones and phone, without order.


What's in the box

- 1x Audio Splitter