Pair Of Magnetic Knee Support Brace
Pair Of Magnetic Knee Support Brace
Pair Of Magnetic Knee Support Brace
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Pair Of Magnetic Knee Support Brace

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Pair Of Magnetic Knee Support Brace

Promote Blood Circulation & Keep War - This knee sleeve has self-heating pads and a thermal pad, which you can replace it according to your needs. The built-in 16pcs self-heat magnets pads, reflect back your body's warmth as Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) to help relieve joint pain and arthritis, reduce muscle pain and spasms, and counteract joint stiffness and Raynaud's Syndrome.
Ultra Comfortable - Made of high-quality SBR neoprene outer and OK fabric inner, soft, breathable, non-toxic for maximum comfort. Plus, its thermal pad adopts coral fleece, keep your knee warm effortlessly.
Treat as much as possible, relax your knee, slowly increase the pressure
new and high quality
self-heating pad designed for the knee
high elastic belt, good elasticity, comfortable wear, paste and firm, immutable shape
can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clean the meridians, Increase immunity
to promote the new replaces the old. The body, regulate the nervous system, endocrine

Wipe the tourmaline function fabric with a wet cloth to get a better effect.
Put the tourmaline function fabric close to the body, fixed on the location that needs physical therapy.
Appropriately adjust elasticity
(Please according to your skin feel decided to wear the length of time.)

Maintenance instruction:
Keep in a dry ventilated place. Keep away from direct sunshine.
Keep clean. The temperature of the washing water does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius
Avoid ironing. do not filter and bleach
please use neutral detergent, Do not immerse for a long time.
Clean the surface with a wet cloth and gently rub.
Do not contact the watch and easily magnetized objects with this product to prevent magnetization

What's in the box
1x Magnetic Knee Brace