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8 Shaped Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace Support



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8 Shaped Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace Support

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8 Shaped Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace Support:

Wear it discreetly: Our figure-8 aligners are woven from moisture-wicking hemp fibers to help keep you cool and dry. Plus, these fibers naturally prevent odors and odors. Unlike braces and braces, which must be worn over clothing, they can be worn over or under clothing. There is no swelling, allowing you to wear it discreetly.
Simple ways to correct your posture: Sitting in front of a computer or looking down at your phone can lead to listlessness and poor posture. Simply wear this corrective strap for easy correction and get the upper body support you need.

Discomfort and strain relief: When you use this back posture correction belt, you will immediately feel relief from neck and lower back strains and discomfort associated with poor posture.
Fully adjustable and comfortable: With wide-designed and fully adjustable shoulder straps, you will have a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Wearing this aligner is super easy! Simply thread your arms through the straps (8 should be on your back), pull on the straps to adjust, and attach the adhesive. You'll start reaping the benefits of good posture right away.
Great for everyday wear: Whether you're working in front of a computer, working on a construction site, practicing yoga, or walking with your dog in the park, use our figure 8 anti-camber harness for great posture! It's the ultimate in versatile outfits!

Material: hemp fiber
Size: 15.5*23cm (belt 73cm)
Uses: Back posture correction, anti-hunchback, back scoliosis correction belt, relieve back discomfort
Suggested crowd: children, adults

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1 x 8 Shaped Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace Support



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8 Shaped Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace Support

8 Shaped Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace Support

R 299.00R 160.00